I know it’s not all about me okay. 

I know so many others have it worse than me by like a metric shit ton.

But god damn, It just keeps happening. And I honestly don’t know if I’m an actual target or just a convenient person to use. Either way it just makes me feel so fucking sick and disgusted. 

And I have no fucking room to talk. I haven’t had hardly anything happen to me. EVERYONE HAS IT WORSE THAN ME BUT I STILL FEEL LIKE FUCKING SHIT.

I didn’t mean to take anything away from you Chewie. I didn’t mean to say that you or anyone else doesn’t get that. I know so many of you get it, have it, deal with it constantly. And here I am fucking complaining about my pidly shit. I just have no idea if it’s worth being around sometimes. If all I’m doing is being yet another thing to hurt you all then what is the point. 

I just get frustrated sometimes. I think about this shit a lot.