So I’ve Been Doing Some Thinking


I think I’m going to leave Ireland.

I came here to support Chewie. But I don’t think I am really qualified to do that any more. And I can’t help someone who isn’t willing to receive it, which he doesn’t really seem to be right now.

I knew I would be in danger coming here. I didn’t expect it to be from my friends.

Red is coming soon. And now there’s this other dude reaching out to him. They’re far more qualified and far more likely to get through to him than I am.

I just don’t think there’s anything more I can do here. And the longer I stay, the more problems it will cause.

I’ve already started making arrangements. I’ll be flying out in the next few days.

Super Hugs Anna. I’m sorry you had to go through all of that.

The Come to Jesus Meeting

"A meeting where someone close to you (e.g. friend, family, etc.) are confronted over behavior that’s causing consternation that’s negatively effecting your relationship."

Ya’ll need to do this. And you know it’s serious because I never use the word “Ya’ll”.

Please help spread this around so everyone gets the chance to volunteer if they want


Protection has been on everyone’s minds lately, and with good reason. It’s dangerous out there and we want everyone safe. So a mass ritual has been discussed. To volunteer to participate in the ritual, we ask you to put your general-ish location on a Google map. Using the volunteers on the map, we’ll pick 9 of the outermost people (creating a big circle) and one final person right in the middle to do a certain protection ritual. The idea is that the protection ritual will umbrella over everyone involved and will keep us safe.
If you are an anchor or you are dealing with other unnatural things that might interfere with the umbrella, you will not be picked as one of the 10 people.
In order to put your location on the map, please contact either me or Mr. Tanuki. We’ll give you the link.
Let me stress something here. You don’t have to put your location on the map. Even your general-ish location. It’s not required, this is a VOLUNTEER thing. We aren’t making anyone do anything and if you don’t feel comfortable participating, that is a-okay. If you do, however, know that we are keeping this as private as we possibly can.

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In case I lose my shit

I wonder what it will feel like to suddenly be all okay with Morrigan. What will I be thinking? What excuses will be made for me as to why I suddenly think she is just cracker jack awesome sauce? 

Will she use my logic against me? Maybe I’ll just lose it entirely to where I’m down for anything that any random monster tells me to do. 

I know that the Nice Lady will be sending someone my way to help patch me up but until then I’m going to just be realistic about all of this. Virgo coping mechanism numero uno. Expect the worst. That way you aren’t surprised.

Short Answer.


We go nowhere near it.

It cannot help. It does not want to help. It wants to gain.
I do not beleive it can do shit. It is afraid of The Beast. And anything it could do to remotely ‘bring them back’ would leave them crippled and twisted and probably fucking puppet like.

It can do nothing good.

The cost for such a fucked up lie of a result would be too great.

My advice?

We ignore the fuck out of it it from now on.




let’s remember that Mirrors has a history of preying on people it thinks it can intimidate or hold things over. 

What we need to do is be as supportive to Natti as we can. She has every reason to feel bad about it contacting her, there’s no need for us to put any more pressure on.

I have pretty solid views of that Thing. So I can’t help but be blunt as hell about what I think about all this. Which may make it seem like I’m trying to put pressure on Natti, but I can honestly say that’s not it at all.

My bluntness stems purely from the sense of danger and need for caution that anything to do with Mirrors produces.

It’s not Natti’s fault it’s a bastard and contacted her.
And she shouldn’t be made to feel like it’s all on her.
And I support her all the way.

I tend to just sound off about how we’ve seen it’s manipulations work in the past, because we can’t forget that anyone could talk to Mirrors.
And it could try and talk to anyone, if it wanted.

And the knowledge of the past encounters make all the difference.

# Just wanted to make it clear that I’m talking to everyone when I talk about my views on Mirrors. And that Natti is nowhere at fault. Nor does it have to be purely up to her to handle this.

It’s ok. I appreciate you being blunt about this, in fact. There’s really no way to sugar coat this thing.

And thanks for your patience and support, guys. But, by all means, if someone thinks I’m about to make a huge mistake regarding any choice I make, PLEASE don’t be afraid to say something. I may try to refute you but I will not be angry and I like honesty. Sometimes I am too stubborn for my own good, which is why I like checks and balances.

I trust you too much to think that you’d make a huge mistake. You know your shit and this isn’t your first rodeo. Like I said in the chat. If anyone had to talk with that thing I would feel safer knowing you were. You’re all good Natti. *super hugs*

Also everything that Dox said. 

You two aren’t dead.

They’re alive.

They’re alive and they got out okay.

They had to of gotten out.